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List eight (8) random facts about yourself. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

#1. Oh no... another random fact list. ok... no 1: My microphone now is actually headphones plugged into the mic socket.

#2. My history of pets: 1 tortoise, 4 cats (oh mygod) and 1 guinea pig (my bro's actually. but oh well)

#3. I like to read like the origins of religion, greek mythology, random stuff like the storyline of xmen, spiderman. All thanks to wikipedia.

#4. I don't like children. They intimidate me. I may smile at them but deep down i'm terrified that they'll go berserk and i have no way of controlling them.

#5. I usually bathe after 12am. Only possible thanks to the hot water system (i shall love whoever who invented it)

#6. Am not really as crazy about anime as ppl think i am. I think I've toned down A LOT this few years. And my stash of anime cds are actually more from my brother. 99% of those cds are burned by him

#7. I'm not really a good psychoanalysis kind of person. Like people can tell this person's behavior is blah blah according to how they speak, etc.... my generated first impressions are usually wrong by a loong short.

#8. Well known fact. but still random. I'm a last minute worker. A procrastinator.
I rather go and sweep and mop the whole house than read my notes for exam.


8 things I am passionate about:
#1. This should be filled with stuff like "caring for ppl.... welfare of the ppl" but..... i would say: technology. and all it's marvelous wonders. i dunno.
#2. Money
#3. Academic excellence. TT_TT. such a nerd
#4. Killing of all perverts
#5. Arts
#6. Fashion
#7. Music. to a certain extend
#8. Friends

8 things I say too often:
#1. crap
#2. damn
#3. shit
#4. stupid idiot
#5. argh
#6. seriously?
#7. AAHHHHH (random screaming)
#8. OMG- omigod/ omigosh

8 books I’ve read recently:
#1. sherlock holmes
#2. notes
#3. the star
#4 Mariebs book of physiology and anatomy
#5 Magazine. can't remember which
#6. Dorlands medical dictionary. (not actually read it. more like brought around)
#7. detective conan manga
#8. doraemon

8 songs I could listen to over and over again FOR THE MOMENT:

#1. Love song- sara baraellis (or however to spell her name)
#2. Amigos para siempre- Sara Brightman and i forgot who
#3. Come What May- Moulin Rouge soundtrack
#4. Roxxane tango version also by Moulin Rouge
#5. Stop and stare- One republic
#6. You're the first, my last, my everything- Barry White
#7. Beautiful World- Colin Hay
#8. Soundtrack fr Beautiful Mind

8 things I learned in the past year:
#1. IMU is seriously like a part time school. 2 hrs lecture a day??
#2. Good friends are hard to come by
#3. Secondary school certificates make awesome fuel for burning
#4. Drinking tabasco sauce is not a good idea
#5. A translator is needed when listening to a man with heavy indian accent
#6. I can drive from bukit jalil to subang
#7. Toll booth collectors are lazy pigs
#8. Our body is so complex and its processes are so windy(like very... mah fan), which = nightmare

Would you go out with you? State the reasons why you would, and why you wouldn't, and then come to a conclusion at the end.

reasons for [i would]
#1 I think I'm pretty considerate
#2 Educated?
#3 Loyal. haih
#4 I'm pretty cincai with everything. i guess i'm pretty relaxed
#5 I hardly get PMS and associated mood swings (i hope this doesn't jinx it)
#6 I can be a good listener. And i'm a reasonable/ practical person when i'm serious.
#7 I don't spend a lot of money on clothing, accessories, etc etc
#8 Caring.

reasons for [i wouldn't]
#1 Whiny
#2 Bad tempered
#3 Too fickle minded. shopping trips will take 5 hrs.
#4 bad cook.
#5 its hard to tell what mood i'm in
#6 i can get pretty possessive.
#7 Although i won't do it, usually people who cross me will cause me to think of 101 ways for them to have an early funeral.
#8 A bit of a feminist. I'm bias.

Conclusion? : dating sucks cause u can't have the perfect person