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4:16 am
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It's been a long time since i updated my blog just to talk about... random stuff.
i shall talk about IMU so far.

2hrs lectures are still on everyday. Right now, I've decided to skip all PPD and BS lectures because I'm far to lazy to wake up at 6:30 and drive all the way there just to attend lectures that I will end up not listening too anyway.

So I'm having sort of a mini unofficial holiday. But I promise myself to download all the BS lectures and read them + the wikipedia entry on whatsoever they are about (wikipedia, it's better than textbooks) Hopefully, all this shall be done before the end of my holiday in 2 days time.

Oh.. so I am driving to IMU now. So far... so good. Though not good for the other drivers on the road with me since I'm hogging the lanes. Oh well, not much lane to hog anyway since the way to bukit jalil is always jammed. I nvr exceed 80 km/hr cause the road there has just too many cars and traffic lights.
However, I'm sad to say that overall I don't think my driving skills improved much. Driving to bukit jalil is something that I'm quite used to until when I try to drive to another place, it's like crap. Probably has something to do with being less confident because i'm relying on another person for directions. Dang it.

Exams also a few weeks away for us. And sorry to say... I'm still stuck in metabolism chapter. And I've already forgotten most of it since I studied that 2 months ago. T_T
The usual objectives of studying is to able to memorize the facts and understand them.
I need to find a better way of studying since my way consumes way too much time and the longest period I can remember them is.... 1-2 months? Even so, most of the fine details have been lost. That's the reason (my excuse) for studying last minute. But it's too stressful to do that anymore. I find that reading the notes after the lectures are also not much use for me since my mind wander after every 2 minutes. Oh wait... i think less than 2 minutes. Probably close to 1 minute.

So actually... do I study?

Hahahaha.... it's just reading and rereading the same passage over and over again till it's stuck in my brain. The problem is... there is no cue or signal to say that the passage is stuck in your brain. So when i'm rereading the passage, that's the time when my brain flies away. Then since i'm quite kiasu, after reading the next passage, i'll go back and try to recall the facts i learn earlier. After recalling about 3-5 times, that's the time when the facts gets permanently superglued for about 3 weeks.
And this is painfully slow to me. So I usually do this for maybe... 20% of the time. 80% of the other time is just reading through the whole thing maybe a day before the exam.
Ahahahha... and cramming works. It's been proven :P
And it's quite stressful. And harmful with all the staying up late at night, reading your notes everywhere (dining table, bathroom, shopping malls (lol... i still got time to go there)) and sitting for the exam is a state of mental confusion. 3 hrs of sleep can make u a bit confused/blur.

So this is the time again where i shall lug around my big book and notes everywhere I go.
Probably updates to the blog shall increase again as I have an urge to blog each time there is a time constrain in play.
Oh... and mother's day is next week. what should i do? not baking a cake.