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The sexy man tag
4:50 am
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another tag!!!
omg... i shud just have a blog for tags. i think i've done 20++ tags.

I present to you.... THE SEXY MAN TAG

01. Compose a list of YOUR top ten sexiest famous men.
02. Collect one picture of each guy on your list.
03. Post them in your journal.
04. Tag five people to do the same.

Hohoho... are you guys curious? since i'm not the kind of person who talks about sexy man all the time, this is a rare moment.
but my list is rather limited by the shows i watch. Time to find the names of actors in those darn movies (google is my best buddy)

hmmm... in no particular order though.

10. Orlando Bloom.
Like... wat the heck is he doing here?
I like his character in LOTR only though. Patented blonde hair. and blue eyes........ (i think he had blue eyes playing legolas right.... it'll be super weird if he didn't wear any contacts. blonde hair with black eyes = weird)

9. Takenouchi Yutaka
Seriously... this tag is a lot of work. Remembered him from the japanese drama, dekichatta kekkon. Strange but I usually like the characters the actor portrays not the actor themselves.
He reminds me of takeshi kaneshiro in this hairstyle.
damn.. all of them look a like.

8. Adrien Brody
Actor from The Pianist and Hollywoodland. Oya, and king kong too
I think I found out why i like the characters more than the actors. Look at adrien on top. He looks nice here. Suddenly... you google him up and you get pics like this:
Like... OMG!!! what on earth is he wearing? It's like his trying to dress up as a black rapper or something. In my eyes... adrien brody is no longer hot. But then i won't have enough guys to fill up the whole list.

The real world really is less pretty than the world of fiction.

7. Tsumabuki Satoshi
Another random japanese actor. He's more cute than hot though

6. Hugh Laurie
House!!! I love house.

5. (omg... this is only no. 5?) Sherlock Holmes
cause i just spent the last hour reading his biography at wikipedia and is currently brain dead.
4. Matt Damon
Because he is a cool secret agent in the Bourne series. I dunno.. i had to google for a list of actor's name because i forgot about most of them.

Well... i didn't really watch tv that day but instead slept right through the whole day. And i totally forgot about the tag. So here I am, 1 week later, to add the last 3 remaining guys:

3. Johnny Depp
After much consideration.... here he is.
seriously tiring tag :(