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mcds like to con ppl with extra large illustrations of their food.

take this for example:

real mcmuffin is like... half the size. if u compress the bread... it's one third of that pic's size.
so RM4 it's not really that cheap after all. And all their breakfast menu cost at least RM6.90 already!!!!
at least their sundae cone is now rm0.50. :) but prob they will give us small cones and less icecream

oya.. lemme show all of u my pimped out desktop (click on pic for larger view. u know u want to):

it's like... the coolest. even my login screen is modified. thanks to stylexp

i've also found a cure for boredom. no idea wat to do online? go ahead to
it's a addon tool to link u to other interesting webpages based on your interests. quite fun to play with it cause you really do stumble onto some interesting websites.

i've suddenly resorted to free advertisement. no interesting stuff to talk about anymore
IMU is 2 hrs lecture a day as usual. going in lightning fast speed. now already in central nervous system. next week is muscleskeletal system.


and... this is quite delayed but anybody here planning to take SAT? cause my friend, kaye is selling her SAT books. get them from her cause she scored like gila high for the test. so the book has some extra luck to it.. hahaha. no guarantee about scoring as high as her though.