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last last sun, i was a bridesmaid at my cousin sister's wedding in melaka.
the weird thing is that the day before i was participating in the imu's orientation treasure hunt.
sooo... a simple comparison between both days:

sat: blowing a ping pong ball up a hill. scrape my elbows and knees while poor alex had to drink a strange concoction of what seems to be raw egg, tomato sauce, kicap and other weird stuff
sun: applying make up and getting into my dress.

ahahhaa... so weird.
anyway... i was worried about being a bridesmaid since i've never been one before and know if no one who has been one.
turns out that all i need to do is carry the bride's long train of dress everywhere she goes (super hassle) and make sure that i take the angpows she receive so she has a free hand to serve or receive tea during the tea ceremony
so i've been practising to be a bridesmaid since a long time a go as i am like a "coat hanger" each time i go with my friends.... ahahahha (no la... jk. my friends don't treat me that bad. that is what i want to believe:P)
chinese wedding is quite complicated. first.... the groom must come to the bride's house and here he gets teasing/tortured before being able to go to where the bride is. usually he has to sing a song, declare his love for the bride, dance, complete a word puzzle, etc n of course give big angpow

then after he succeeds in getting the bride, they must do the tea ceremony. first, the bride n groom serve tea to the elders according to importance (grandparents, parents, eldest uncle, etc (chinese tradition always places guys first so uncles first then aunties regardless of age)) this is the time where the bride gets showered with gifts n angpow.
then after all the elders are served, it's the bride n groom's turn to be seated while the younger ones just line up to get angpow. hahahahha

then they will leave to the groom's place when the auspicious time has arrive (lol... they actually waited for it to be 12:30pm) there will be like a whole rombongan of cars following the bride n groom's car. when approaching the house, honk like crazy.
then another round of tea ceremony.
then after that they will be escorted to their "bridal room".
this is where things get a little weird. hahaha
a little boy is called up where he must break a paper cover to a pot which contains 2 mandarin oranges. the oranges are then placed on the bed. then the same boy has to roll on the bed so that the couple gets a son. oh and before all this is done no one is allowed to touch the bed.
in my case, the "little boy" was about 16?. so he was damn pai seh n reluctant to do all that crap.
but with so many aunty there to force him..... terpaksa la.

i pity him

then that's all. after that is just dinner where we all makan.

oh n a pic of the event (no ppl... it wasn't photoshopped at all. apart from adjusting the brightness/contrast)