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just because i love being tagged

Name: duh.. csc
Age: 18+
Birthdate: 12 July 1989
Birthplace: GHKL
Location: KL

Hair colour: Black roots with brown dye. gahhh.... but my dyed hair is looking more n more black so the roots really blend in.
Eye colour: dark brown
Braces? used to. now none
Glasses/contacts? both... depending whether i have had a good night's sleep
Freckles? nope.
Scars? loads. mostly on knees
Style: casual. IMU is not so strict on female students thankfully :D

Food: anything japanese/itallian n of course..... malaysian
Coke/Pepsi: coke... gassier
Love/Money: money
Boy/Girl: boys
Dogs/Cats: cats
Night/Day: Night. i wish classes starts at 12am
Sun/Rain: sun with a lot of clouds. my skin was burnt by the evil sun

Cried in school: in std 2? can't remember. too embarrassing anyway
Laughed so hard you peed: nope. ewww
Seen your best friend naked: omg... i shall be scarred for life. no.
Taken a shower with someone: my mom bathe me and my brother when we were below 5
Been drunk: nope. i haven't tried going "all the way". won't ever will anyway since i hate the taste of alcohol
Smoked: nope. damn those public smokers. wish they can wear an airtight box around their head. since they like to smoke so much they might as well just suck everything that comes out from their cigarette and spare the rest of us.
Cried on someone’s shoulder: nope
Let someone cried on your shoulder: nope. i have a cold shoulder apparently
Slept on bed with same sex: duh. my sis, mom, cousins
Used the bathroom in front of a friend: nope. the author of this meme is seriously wacko

Smoke? nope
Do drugs? no
Drink? when i'm tempted
Cry often? when i'm down or the occasional PMS strikes me
Change in front of your friends? sometimes. only when there is a real pressing need to change
Talk about private things with friends? errr.... some

Favourite eye colour: blue. after watching babel and atonement in a row, i realize that they love to focus on a character's blue eyes.... i'm mesmerized by them now
Favourite hair colour: anything. xcept asians with total blonde hair. too ahbeng already
Height: taller. though i don't really mind anything. he can't be a dwarf though
Weight: bmi of 20-25. sorry just did research on BMI indexing
Drink/Smoke: smoker a definite no no. social drinking is fine though
Tattoos: doesn't matter. as long as he doesn't have any weird tattoos and too many of them
Piercings: not too many also. hahaha... i dun share siao chen
Style: anything la. as long as he's hygienic.

Person you hugged: joanne. LOL
Person you kissed: my cat?
Person you talked to: my mom. about mangoes and oranges
Time you cried: last month? for some odd reasons
Time you laughed: this morning
Thing you bought: foodfair tickets to buy coney dog
Person you yelled at: my bro last year. I was seriously damn pissed
Person you said 'I love you' to: nvr said it. perhaps to the air while singing some song. if so this afternoon
Person told you they love you: my mom. in a very non direct way :D
Person you gave present to: yik ming
Person gave you present: lol.... if cny angpow counts. if not, sabrina for the lovely tshirt she bought for me in cambodia
Person you hit: my little bro. i told u i was pissed
Person hit you: can't remember. must be ages ago. the last i can remember is the stupid motorcylist who banged me down in form 2.
Thing(s) you drank: water
Thing(s) you ate: orange

tagging: alyssa, sab, yeen (ahahha... finally get to tag u and not viceversa) and anyone else