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syok sendiri
3:27 pm
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i just came back from 1u. I drove there!!!
going there was ok (apart from the turning part into LDP from federal where i didn't slow down enough so it was like a roller coaster ride on a tiny kancil)
Coming back..... nearly 1 accident. I totally forgot my naik bukit procedure. So when i was going up the ramp from 1u's carpark, there was quite a lot of traffic. So I had to do the balancing act.
Well..... i didn't press my accelerator enough and let go my clutch too much. so mati engine.
and i rolled back...
5-8 inches maybe?

the myvi behind me honed like mad. he changed lanes after that.


damn crap. but after that i was concentrating on my clutch/ accelerator so much that i didn't even hear yen's and kaye's conversation. then changing lanes..... another one of my biggest driving flaws. I hate changing lanes on a busy road.
I can't do the "inch by inch" thingy cause i still can't estimate my car size (like.... wth right? it's a damn kancil) And i can't look at both mirrors- side mirror and back mirror while concentrating on the front. It's something i have to get used to. Is like I can't make out whether it's safe to change lanes or not

Hahahahha.... if my parents were there driving with me tonight they probably ban me from driving alone to IMU for the next 6 yrs or something.
Maybe they will force me to take driving lessons again