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IMU orientation
10:21 am
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orientation week is finally over.... and damn it was tiring.
I was in group 3 aka 3pah (3= sam in cantonese)
lame right. ahahahaha. med + dental students calling themselves sampah.

each group had to come up with a long n short cheer + a flag.
our flag was obviously a garbage bin (with a face made out of paper and aluminium can).
our long cheer went something like this:
*clap+ stomp feet*
who is it x2
sampah here, lap sap there
we'll trash you
we'll smash you
we'll bash you
watch our for sampah
or we'll tapau you

our short cheer was just yelling out sampah according to the pharmacy's group cheer.
which proved to be contagious since at the end of orientation random ppl form other groups were also yelling out our cheer.

we had a bunch of activities. and i can proudly say i went for all the activities xcept finale night (cause i got no transport ma).
dry icebreaker was a bit boring. we had moments where we had completely nothing to do.

random group doing punishment (includes dancing randomly or spelling letters with their butts)

track trip was just a shopping trip to one of the many shopping malls in KL. our group got KLCC. we did a lot of stupid things there..... because each team had to do certain task at the shopping malls. we had to take a picture of us going to KLCC, eating together, an interesting dish, etc. and the security guard was staring at us all the time... ahahahhahaha

eating together

the beauties of 3pah

me and joanne posing.

the whole gang.
(from the left standing: me, jac ric, sanjay, alex, akmal, pei san, jeremy, dhina, ziyan (OO), boon, david, calvin (pharm OO)
from the left squatting: joanne, izzat (OO), king and khai)

wet icebreakers were more fun (girls in white shirts playing with water....... i guess the guys had more fun) though an accident happened involving our poor leader, Dhina. But still he was so semangat... he still went for all the orientation activities apart from the telematch despite him having a twisted wrist and a bad wound on his chin.

then we had treasure hunt. It was one of the most tiring events. (but still couldn't beat the exhaustion i felt during the amazing race treasure hunt in taylors. the organizers were crazy ppl)
we walked to and fro IMU and the national stadium 3 times. and in between that we did stupid things at each station (duckwalk.... did the helicopter a total number of 20+ times, blowing a ping pong ball up a slightly sloped hill (jac ric got hurt here though), doing push ups (the lame way... all i did was bend my elbows a bit... ahahhahahaa that's not even considered a push up by my bro's standard), finding a 5cent coin in a bag of bird feed, blowing flour in each other's face, etc)
guys got it worse than girls though. all the girl's t shirt were still white but the guy's tshirts have turned into an array of colours ranging from green to brown.
eventhough our group completed the treasure hunt first.... we got one of the lowest scores for some odd reason. what the heck.

next was dress code. we were supposed to dress up in diff cultural costumes and i got geisha from japan. our sketch was pretty lame though.
other groups had hard gay. tat was freaking cool and stupid. since when hard gay was a cultural costume (of japan)?

Dhina with his kenyan costume

Khai with his roman costume and King with his brazillian costume

Natashini as a spanish and Ashmin as a hawaiian

me as a geisha, joanne as a brazillian, husna as an egyptian, and pei san as a roman

jac ric as a samurai

the other group with hard gay. LOL

then we had telematch. another round of water and mud splashing.

2nd dress code was based on the theme "once upon a time in IMU". each group got random princesses and settings. our group got Princess Peach (frm mario) in a pirate ship (other examples were like princess xena in the toilet, princess belle in a hawker stall, etc) Joanne was the most fab princess you would ever see. She looks so princess like in her dress and crown. Alex was one of the more funny characters wearing an armani cardbox pants. best mario award can go to jeremy. his expressions are priceless.
seniors enjoyed the storyline very much so joanne shud be feeling proud for writing the initial script.

last dress code was making a music video based on a song the seniors gave us. We got Melodi sang by Sheila Masjid and some chinese singer (XD). joanne and alex were the main stars of the event and they did a pretty good job. sanjay and dhina can dance hip hop pretty well.
i laugh each time i see sanjay dancing.

finally...... variety night.
one of the most fun events throughout the whole week. me and pei san did work on the costume with help from the rest of the group members who helped us a bunch.
our sketch kena QCed 3 times eventhough we were supposed to go down the stage by the 2nd QC. hahahaha
Jeremy was the most graceful swan i have ever seen in my life. and the only swan who can dance a bollywood song. And thanks to that he won the best POTW (prince of the wild) and best dressed (WOO HOO!!!)

the swan costume

so thanks to all 3pah group members + OOs (orientating officer) for the enthusiasm which made orientation week really fun..
[btw.... anyone want their pictures taken down can request so at the chatbox. i hope the seniors pass us more pics of the orientation]