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first impressions
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first impressions.
they say the first 5 seconds from the moment u introduce yourself to another person is the most important. The other person will automatically have their first impressions about yourself which will unlikely be changed unless you and the other person continue to socialize with each other for another year or two.
Everything counts in the first 5 seconds.
The tone of your voice
the words you choose
the way you stand
what are your hands doing
facial expressions
your clothing/accessories

It's amazing how our brain process this information so fast and relate it to other people we have met before to make conclusions.

So during the whole first week of IMU, everyone was scrutinized by everyone.
Some I think are the booksmart ones, some you can see that they were the outgoing ones (although there were a few surprises where this guy, he was scrawny (thin as a stick), has glasses, untidy hair you would think he would be some geek with a wealth of computer information. instead, during orientation, he was in a group where he dared to put twisties in his shirt (to be boobs) and acted all slutty with him biting/licking his glasses and shaking... his booty n boobs in front of 150+++ people)

I met a girl named Joanne which I've been introduced to before. After meeting her a few times, she started talking to me in mandarin. OK.... for those who know me... and I guess everyone who have met me before or heard of the name Sook Cheng, all of them can say that i'm a pure banana.
Totally white in the inside (something which i am NOT proud of. I'm slowly learning.... but I hate it if people start accusing me of betraying my own culture. I can't help it if I can't speak chinese eventhough I'm chinese. I mean.... I can't learn it in a single day right??? I speak english almost my entire life, been sent to a malay school and have never attended mandarin classes since i was 4? and my parents + siblings all speak in english.)

So i said that my mandarin is terrible and probably worse than any standard 1 student in srkjc (sekolah rendah kebangsaan jenis cina)
She told me that I look very chinese that's why she kept talking to me in chinese. Something like a reflex action.


I guess it's a good opportunity to improve my mandarin anyway. So it's pretty damn funny to hear her speak in mandarin and me replying in english. Or sometimes i'll just give her the damn blur look when I'm lost. I'll be like... "huh?" and my eyes will be staring blankly at her
And Joanne is a pretty damn good mandarin speaker. She speaks in mandarin and english very fast. Faster than any mandarin serial i've watched. So each time she starts in mandarin... is like I have to concentrate fully on what she's saying to understand her. (btw... she got an A1 in mandarin for SPM. that is how keng her mandarin is)

Now I think i'm going to be dead in hospital rotations if the first impression i give people is that I can speak mandarin. Patients will all start talking to me in mandarin and i will only be able to reply them in english/malay/ some awkward sounding mix of all teh chinese dialects i've heard in my life.