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5:29 pm
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WARNING: weird weird weird post. RANDOMNESS

I just discovered that a lot of people think about death.
I guess it's just how we grow. When people around us don't talk about this sort of things, we think about it.
At least I know I'm not weird.

Or is it because malaysian youngsters are basically weird?


I always sort of wondered what a weird thing death and birth is. A giant full grown adult is produced starting with 2 cells.
How miraculous is that!
Then a giant full grown adult who had laugh, talk, think, smile, cry and so on can just stop doing all that once he/she is dead.

Another weird thing to comprehend is that we are all made up of a bunch of cells. I can understand why people believe in souls. A mass of cells isn't supposed to feel emotions like we can. How can a mass of neuron cells store memories, produce language, control our 5 senses?


Returning back to death. I like to think that when death comes, we just fall into a deep sleep and return to being non-existent. Like a baby before it's conceived, or like a dinosaur. Hahahaha...
Another weird thing i just discovered is people's obsession with suicide.
Is it weird to think about it? Does thinking about it make one suicidal?
I think our group nowadays tend to think about it when times are hard cause of... media influence!
I think the media influence us too much. If we have not known about suicide, would so many people have committed it? Too many movies have shown suicide in such a noble light. Another thing about the media is the concept of love.
I think most people understand love as to how the movies and books have it portrayed.
I'm no expert but I think everybody have this idealistic image of love. Then reality catches up with them and boom....
I'm a cynic so to me, love isn't forever. It lasts when there is lust. Marriage that stays intact after many years isn't because the couple love each other but its through social obligation and responsibility that they are together. Perhaps mutual respect for each other also plays a part.

See how random my thoughts are? You're not alone siao chen... lol