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muet results
7:47 am
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lol... this is very late.
MUET results came out i think somewhere last month but I finally decided to go collect it this morning. I knew that I got a band 5, (lowest-band 1, highest-band 6) which expkains why I was in no hurry to collect it.

However, the hardcopy of the results further explains the breakdown of the marks I've gotten in the listening, speaking, reading and writing component.

these were my results:
listening: 39/45
speaking: 30/45
writing: 47/75

overall: 235/300

haih... my writing just sucks. proven in both MUET and IELTS. Luckily I got more than I deserved for the speaking component. That I thought really went horribly wrong cause my brain was no functioning well that day.
I'm pissed with my reading component too. what the heck were the questions I can no longer remember but I don't remember the test being difficult at all.

Gahhh... oh well. At least it meets the requirements. After I send this over to IMU I can probably burn or throw it away, either way it won't matter anymore.

Oya... my nose is filled with mucus now and my sinus regions are just... aching.
Damn viruses!