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brain dysfunction
5:17 pm
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I seem to be losing my memory.

Not too long ago i used to laugh at my elder bro for forgetting his glasses whereabouts after 2 mins, whether it was after brushing his teeth, taking a shower or after getting up.
Then he'll borrow my glasses to search for his.
And i'll laugh at him for being so forgetful.
Multiple times he grabs stuff to bring to uni only to forget that he left everything on top of a table, his bed, chair, anywhere basically.

Now i'm getting his disease. Maybe is coming with age, i don't know.
But more likely is because i'm lacking sleep and destroying my brain cells by watching too much tv dramas and youtube videos.
I always forget where i put my glasses nowadays, only to find it hanging on my shirt.
I also always forget to take my water tumbler... the infamous blue tumbler which most of the time my friends end up reminding me to take it (eventhough its right under my nose)

Oya. I finally caught up with the fact that i am going to med school.
Somehow IMU doesn't conjure up some magistic image of producing caliber and capable doctors. Influence by my brother's and his friends antics i guess