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1st n 2nd day
2:51 pm
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tired... exhausted....whatever.

it's tiring both mentally and physically to be traveling to and fro bukit jalil.
And it's just mental stress being there. New environment, new coursemates, lecturers, etc

And we have no proper classes unlike college where they actually place u in small groups to have classes together. In classrooms, it's so much easier to bond to people you don't know because you'll be seeing their faces everyday.
In IMU.... or should i say all unis, your classroom consists of 260 people (210+ med students with 50+ dental students)
Getting to know all your classmates will be virtually impossible (hmm... maybe not for the likes of some very charismatic people... ).
So.... we have to get to know ppl, and usually just stick together for lectures, breaks, etc. I'm currently in the phase of "finding the right group". I thought it would be easy to find since there is virtually taylors students everywhere. Weird thing is that for these 2 days, i hardly ever talked to other taylors students. I've been talking to singaporeans, some girls from sabah, sarawak, people who did their pre-u overseas (perth, adelaide) anda korean.

I guess probably because most taylors students already have their "buddies" from college. Most of the time after introducing, etc etc.... suddenly comes lunch break... POOF they suddenly disappear from plain sight to go have lunch by collecting their buddies from other parts of the lecture halls.

I'm crapping btw.
I just have to let things go on their own. Who finds bffs on the first 2 days of uni anyway???