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5 things found in my bag
(bag=going-out-bag? lots of random stuff... friends shud know)
  1. ice skating gloves
  2. random brochures/advertisements handed to me while exploring shopping malls
  3. socks
  4. notepad
  5. cinema stubs

5 things found in my wallet

  1. IC, driver's license
  2. weird panda bear thingy
  3. Secondary student card (lol... i still use it in cinemas)
  4. cash... lol
  5. random drawings i did from years back

5 favourite things in my room
  1. my computer
  2. my bed
  3. aircon. everybody loves airconditioning in m'sia
  4. my clothes
  5. my blanket

5 things I always wanted to do
  1. Go travel the world. or at least get out of m'sia
  2. play ps2 for 24 hrs straight
  3. go on a shopping spree. lol... which i can nvr do
  4. live without my conscience bothering me
  5. go become a doctor.

5 things I'm currently into
  1. Money. :P
  2. hanging out with friends
  3. greys anatomy and a lot more series.... i need my weekly fix. damn the stupid companies who still refuse to sign the damn writers' contract.
  4. PS2 and PPC games
  5. sewing. weird.....

Top 5 presents I wish for

  1. Nintendo Wii
  2. A personal maid/slave. any applicants?
  3. an all expense paid trip to any destination i choose.
  4. an auto car
  5. a new digital camera. with manual functions. preferably a SLR camera

The person who tagged you is: siao chen

Your 5 impressions of him/her:

  1. The one who is scary when she's mad
  2. Gets high easily on caffeine
  3. J-rock crazy.
  4. has a weird liking for McD's table salt
  5. partner in crime during secondary school

Most memorable thing she has done to you:

lol... not really to me. but it's camwhoring in xx's car.

If she becomes my lover, you will
probably be the poor husband/wife (whichever she prefers... lol) who will say anything to please her. hey... it's scary when she gets mad

If she becomes your enemy, the reason will be
if i accidentally knock down lucky with my kancil. hahahaha