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School's reopen
10:36 am
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Schools again reopen, the new batch of SAM students arrives and a new cycle begins again.

sigh... not so long ago we were in that position. Anxious to meet our new lecturers, worried we might not be able to "click" with our new classmates, wondering where in the world are all the classes are.

Instead, this year, me n my friends traveled back to college to sell our old books.
I sold mine totally too cheap.


5 books (textbooks) for rm50. I could have easily sold it at rm100 or more.... ARGHHH
One tip to sell SAM books: go on the 3rd day after the students met all their lecturers cause all the persuading and crap will never get into new students head. They think seniors are out to swindle them of their money and they can only trust their lecturers.

Oh well... better than not selling at all. Some extra cash for myself no matter.

Other than that, a few days ago, I witness with my own eyes the stupidity of mat rempits.
A chinese boy was beaten up in front of my house by 4 malay mat rempits for no reason at all. He even offered the handphone but they didn't cease beating him. I was shocked to see his injury.... Enhanced by his white shirt, splotches of red blood can be seen all over with blood streaming down his head.
My mom and I couldn't really do anything cause it all happened so fast. In 5 seconds it was all over.
The mat rempits even stared at my mom who was just standing behind the gate.
Worse of all, it was the chinese boy's first day in subang.
He must be thinking what a hellhole subang is... which i can't say i disagree with him.

After that my mom told me other incidents of random act of violence. She said a mongolian man was beaten up after a few people robbed him until his ear was torn 1cm and there was a deep laceration on his head. He went to my father's clinic and he said his mom asked him to immediately return to Mongolia.
Another incident happen to a student renting the house beside mine. A student from china was robbed in broad daylight in front of her house. She too returned to China the very next morning.
Lastly was a businessman. He was using his stylo handphone when a car approached him asking for directions. Immediately the man inside tried to grab his hp but he didn't want to let go so they beat him up.

Such a violent world we live in. Subang is such a small place but everyday i'm sure at least one case of snatch theft occurs.
Sad to wake up in the morning and wonder:

"Will today be a bad day?"