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time to tell abt my trip to pangkor (image heavy entry).

On Fri, my family and I woke up at 5am to arrive in KL at 7am. The we took a 4 hour bus trip to Lumut Jetty (cause the bus overshot on the highway... have to make a uturn of some sort)
On the bus I had the unfortunate exp of sitting infront of a guy who apparently have no idea how to sit properly. And that guy was 50+ (probably a doctor). He kept kicking my chair. And my chair wasn't even declined that low.
Dumb guy... so irritating.

me and my parents at Lumut Jetty

Lumut Jetty... obviously

The boat ride was approx 40 minutes. There were so many island, I actually didn't know which was pangkor or was even an island (cause maybe it's just mountainous regions attached to the peninsular)

View from the boat (random island)

The resort, Pangkor Island resort had their own private jetty so thankgodness the trip from the jetty to the resort was short (we were all very tired by then). The rooms were alright, with signs warning of monkeys. No monkeys seen though

The beach near the jetty. The yellow boat was the boat we rode on

The resort's swimming pool view

The lobby

haih... a cacated shot of our hotel room. A king sized bed :D

So what we did there was basically eating, sleeping, walking on the beach, sleeping, eating.

The beach has quite a lot of westerners there. Most foreign women there notice our conservative dressing so they didn't bare it all but some still did. much to the delight of local men, western men have seen enough i guess.

They had hornbills there. Cool....

Camwhoring at the swimming pool. Sunset was nice:D

The sea water there was green. Not as much rubbish as Port Dickson but still... floating styrofoam packages, cigarette butts, slippers (dun ask me... luckily i didn't see a floating bikini) can be seen. The strangest thing is the amount of dead fish. It's really alot. I even saw a dead octopus (albeit on the tiny side)

Big dead fish washed up on the beach. Foot there for size comparison... lol

Lots of dead tiny fish. All kind of species actually

Dead octopus

Those holes actually houses crabs inside. Too bad i didn't have a spade with me or not i would have dug them up.

The buffets served there were ok ok. Nothing to boast about. The breakfast yogurt is yummy though :D The bacon was dry, the prawns are always so oily, etc. But still... it's a

On the 2nd day, we went for the city tour. We first traveled to a factory making ikan bilis, dried seafood, etc. My mom of course was in her natural habitat and was one of the last to make payment (along with other fussy buyers) Me and my father went exploring... and we saw how they process the fish.

random scenery of a fishing village

The store selling fishie goodies

Anchovies. Pangkor is famous for their anchovies

See those black stuff? Those are flies.... They just spread on some super sticky subtance on the cardboard and those flies just get stuck on them and die.

Cleaning the fresh fish

More cleaning

Salted fish galore

"Fresher" salted fish.

Then we went on to a temple. It's pretty famous but I can't remember the name. It has a mini great wall of china and a lot of monuments, statues to satisfy the gods. It also has cool donation boxes.

Donation box. I thought the sculpture's fingers were posed to look as if it was smoking something but on closer inspection i figured the 2nd finger is there to point to the mouth- where there is a hole for ppl to place their donations.
Oh... and the money is taken out through their ass.... Seriously.

The Great Wall (in mini scale)

Me and my mom at one of the towers of the great wall. You can make a size comparison here.

A weird painting of a face done on a rock. Only half of the face was painted however

a lion guard on one of the towers. Pretty detailed for something as big as my palm.

And toilet sign

The dutch fort was one of our last stops. It was build to protect the tin ingots and a historical landmark to remember the signing of the Pangkor Treaty (ring a bell? form 3 history has rotted into nothingness)

The front view of the fort. The design on the ground is pretty cool but serves no function.

Peering out from one of the fort's window slit

There was a small stall there selling camel's knee oil. Weird right? It claims to be able to cure gout, joint pains and nerve pain. Surprised to see some doctors were very curious about it like regular tourists...hahaha... i thought they would just dismiss it since medicine is basically facts and proven facts.

Then we finally stop in the city to look at the shops. Pretty much everywhere is selling the same stuff but they had some cool shell ornaments.

The mini buses we rode on. Those are the only kind of taxis one can find on Pulau Pangkor. Didn't see a single normal taxi there (the proton iswara type).

We came back... I built some weird sand sculptures (which of course kaye will not approve of. the sand is dirty..hahaha), my brother tried building a brick...(yes... a brick) and watched the sunset.

Chicken sculpture with some fish Y a chicken? Cause it's still the Year of the Rooster. :D

Side view. I like this pic

A cat sculpture. Supposed to be a rat but oh well... looks more like a cat anyway

Lol... someone built a giant sandcastle there with a large well in the middle. On one side it says "SAVE TIBET!"

Frolicking in the sea. nice sun set

That pretty much highlights what went on during my trip there.
Pangkor's basically a place to relax and frolic in the beach to get away from the city life.
3 days and 2 nights is the optimal time to stay there. Once you've been there, u won't wanna go back there for another 1 year though.