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Winter solstice- TANG YUAN
2:43 pm
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Today is the Winter Solstice that we chinese celebrate to mark the winter solstice or dongzhi festival. (dongzhi- extreme of winters). Supposedly on this day, the day is the shortest and weakest. (though in M'sia i don't think we can notice a difference.)
According to my mom, today is where they have a family reunion and get together to eat tang yuan, glutinous rice balls dunked in ginger n sugar syrup (though other variations do occur). Our family also eats this on Chinese New Year eve after the reunion dinner and during weddings (my mom says this is only our family (hakka) tradition. her family (hokkien) only eats this during the lantern festival and winter solstice la)

This year my mom somehow was determined to make tang yuan. Which seems kind of ironic since this year our family members is reduced to 4 from the original 6 (+1 if adding the maid). We made 2 colours- red for luck and white.... cause it's the original colour. Uncooked stuffed tang yuan (with peanut n sugar!)

I tried making the stuffed one. Mine pecah until i had to roll another piece of dough to patch it up. lol... mine is the ugliest tang yuan in the above pic :P
This is what i was forced to do later by my mom when she saw my ugly tang yuan- plain smaller tang yuans with no filling inside
My mom also told me that her mom (my grandma) used to make 12 stuffed tang yuan to symbolize 12 months. cool eh. My mom just cincai made as many as she could
Boiling the balls

Ta dah! Cooked tang yuan!! My pic is kind of ugly thanks to the cacat camera phone so here is another pic to show you how delicious it actually looks:

Thus ends 22nd dec cause i' m going to sleep.
Sleeping at 2 and waking up at 8 is really starting to backfire now