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tensed moments
5:18 pm
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my friend just reminded me the sace results will be out somewhere next week.

oh ****

after nearly 1 month of holidaying i nearly forgot the feeling of having to wake up at 6 and stare at the bleak dark sky outside the window.

Walking alone to the college and hoping there won't be any loonies hiding in the lorongs.

checking my pencil case millions of times to see if my exam slip is there

studying nearly the whole day and sleeping for only a few hours

the feeling like all hope has been lost when you realise you only have 2 more hours to study before the exams starts and you have not slept for nearly 24 hours.

the sweaty palms and butterfly stomach i get before stepping into the exam hall.

ah... time flies. I felt like all those are events took place 10 years ago.
now it's all coming back to me (i sound like the celine dion song)

nooooooo.... next week.
to check or not to check online.
anyway i heard that eventhough the results are released at 5:30am, most of them can't get thru the main website due to the traffic and some of them only managed to log in after 5 hrs.

sounds like the jpa scholarship thingy.