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secret recipe... yes i do have one
1:19 pm
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lol... i went to parade a few days ago to buy the secret recipe cake when they had their buy 1 free 1 promotion.
me n kaye went there at 9:40 around there n though we were early....


when we got there our mouths went like this: O
let me illustrate what we saw....:

we were number 100 and something... and that was at 10am (cause before that we gave up n wanted to meet xx in the gym but kaye's sis called and said to go back to the queue)
the queue got longer and longer and suddenly me n kaye felt kiasu n didn't want to leave our spot. we r typical m'sians... the queue eventually reached the world of sports (which means the queue spanned the entire width of parade)

luckily we meet jun keet there who gratiously allowed us to "potong" and saved us a time.
we waited 2 hours anyway for the cake :D

kaye got classic cheese while i got chocolate banana. i wanted chocolate indulgence but too bad it was sold out.
mel came to see us but didn't want to wait so she got 2 slices of cake... hahahahha
we met xx soon after but luckily we were already at the end of the line so he didn't need to wait so long
no pics cause after we got the cake we went straight back and went to mcds for lunch.

and now... the cake is gone. finished it yesterday... hahahahaha
quite worth it. 2 hrs and rm35 for a 2.2 kg cake to be my family's indulgence for the past 4 days. hahahahhhaha

other than that, i went out a lot with kaye, yen, xx, yeen and leo.

have yet to go out with hui xian, su yen, sab, yuki n chirunu.
but i'll be meeting pei chern n yik meng + yeen again tomorrow for comicfiesta, cf.

hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day :D