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ROADTRIP!!!-pt 1
3:56 pm
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On the 24th I went on a roadtrip with yen2 and kaye (sort of).
super spontaneous trip and planned in just 4-5 days!!
So we set off at 10am (cause stupid car rental company kept delaying us and we finally used yen's parent's CRV which we were really grateful for) and it was kind of exciting to get on to the North-South expressway with 2 buddies (and no parents.. ahahahhahaha)

The nice morning sky. No rainy clouds that day :D

Driving along the NSE

So we first stopped in Bidor to get lunch.
Ate rice with fish and vege. The guy there cold only speak hokkien and with our half past 6 hokkien, we couldn't make out all the ingredient names in hokkien. Then yen called her mom to make the order through the phone.
It was the weirdest thing.... another reason to learn hokkien.

Then we went on to Gua Tempurung near Gopeng in Perak.

We went for the 2nd tour which costs rm9. There was a grand tour of the whole cave which involved waddling into the underground river and exploring the parts of the cave without proper stairs, etc.The grand tour starts only at 9am while the one we took starts every 30 minutes until 4pm i think. We had to wait so we wandered around the cave and camwhored and we found...THIS!!:
Dead baboon with loads of fur

After that we got freaked out to camwhore anymore.
Anyway...we finally went in at 2:30pm. The way we went had nice stairs and was dotted with spotlights everywhere to help us see (or not it would be in total darkness). We also were lucky enough to get a guide with great sense of humour.
The cave's entrance

Along the way the guide just showed us random rock formation which resembled a goat, duck, pregnant lady, etc. Really interesting. Too bad i can't take good photos in the cave cause of the limited lighting. Flash can't work too cause there's too much dust in the cave and the camera's flash just bounces of them.

StalagmiteS.... or was it stalactites?

It looks like some museum display right?

Cool... just noticed the rock on the right looks like a smiling dinosaur head.

The steps were really steep and it really saps your energy. Slippers maybe used but sandals would have been more ideal. The guide joked and said because of walking up n down the cave so often he became so thin (and he was really thin) Lol... no need for slimming centres anymore

OOooo... the spotlights looks like stars

The walkway at the wind tunnel. It is called a wind tunnel because air from the entrance flows thru the cave and gets concentrated here so u can feel like you're in an aircon room. The guide claims that he can tell the weather condition outside the cave by being in the wind tunnel

Back to the entrance


When I stayed to take photos the guide stayed back to make sure we won't get lost in the cave so yen was chatting to the guy. Lol... and he showed us some x-rated rock formations (cause we joined a family during the tour and the family headed out first) The guide was really funny and I guess the tour was only fun because of the guide.
He did say that the other guas have no walkway, etc so gua tempurung is the most convenient cave for tourists.
We left the cave and went on to Simpang Pulai to go to CAMERONS!
(cont in the next post)