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When the New Year comes, what do we feel? Sadness, happiness?

Happy for things that maybe, happy for having such a great year before, happy for having to make it to the next year still breathing.

I feel kind of sad actually. Weird eh?

I remembered 2007 as the year where I loss some and gained some. I had some of my most frustrating moments last year with some terribly unpleasant memories which time will hopefully erase.

I gained new friends, grew distant to old friends and grew closer to few.

2008 will probably a year like 2007. More stressful events just lying around the corner, more arguments to face and my own irrational thoughts to handle (which occupies most of my time already… need to get rid of the habit of daydreaming so readily) What I’m sad most is that I’ll probably will never be as close to the friends I have this year cause I’m not really the best friend one can have. When I don’t meet a person for a long time, we become like strangers again. I’ve no idea what to say to you, and the other to me. A strange air of awkwardness just lingers around.

I hate that feeling. The feeling of helplessness. I want so much to be closer as we were before but there always seem to be an invisible barrier between any old friends I meet again. Sigh… why can’t talking come naturally to me.

So one resolution and only one for this year: Keep in touch with old friends. Never let neglect ruin friendship built over minutes, hours, days and months.

Here’s a shout out to anyone reading this- Happy 2008 and let the air of the new year bring happier prospects to your life.

Hopefully more readers will be lured to this URL (meaning- more friends :D) and old readers will continue reading my boring rantings of everyday life.

Ps: I lied. One more resolution: no abandoning this blog.