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lol... finally!
10:04 pm
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as expected... i had a troubled night.
my mom was talking to my brother on skype until 2am so i couldn't sleep till then. when i tried to sleep... all i could think about were all nonsensical thoughts (which included: how cinderella would have turn out to be if a dose of reality was added into the story, what i was going to do the next day, visualizing myself painting my room, etc) and rolling about in bed.

what seemed like the longest time.. i fell asleep
then in my slumber, i was awakened by shakira's latortura... i practically jumped out of bed.
hahaha... i couldn't even recognise my own hp's ringtone then. after picking up the phone, i heard sabrina's excited voice telling me i can check the SAM results now.

i can say that i was super nervous. But if i hesitated any longer i probably will get more nervous. So i just log in and just clicked on the link.


i can say i'm happy with my results. gahhh.... but it would be nice to get one particular subject a bit higher- BIO! that would have made my day :D cause i tried to study as hard as i could for that subject.

going to taylors later to collect my certs n meeting up with old classmates :D