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5:33 am
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just thought of updating my blog... bringing the total number of posts to a cool 160. which just translate into "sook cheng has no life"

other than that, life has been pretty boring and stressful at the same time.
4 more long days ahead before SAM is officially over and 2 more mindboggling papers to finish -Chem and Bio, both horrible papers.
English was a bit.... bleh. I wasn't even thinking straight when i wrote the essay. I bet I sounded like I got hit on the head, suffer from amnesia, causing me to forget everything i wrote before therefore repeating the same point over and over again.
Maths- the "i-think-i did-ok" paper but surely later will transform into "OMG-look-at-all-the-careless-mistakes" paper.
Physics- was too unmemorable. Can't remember the questions nor my answers.

Can't wait for this Wed. Will
-watch all my long overdue series which will probably suck 5 hours of my life.
- play play play! PS2 will be the main course , sucking 100++ hrs of my life
- sleep sleep sleep, another 100 gone
- do more rubbish around the house
- work and get $$$ (sigh... when am i so materialistic? probably to compensate for my undisciplined habits of not saving money when i ought to)
- get a new haircut (hmmm... this probably will either turn disastrous or i'll just have my same old layered style again)

oh yeah... i still don't have a dress for prom. lol... this should be the least of my worries right now.

back to studying... *sigh*