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Update!- last day
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I'm posting up pics of 2 last days- the last day of college and the last day of exams where our whole class went to pyramid to makan dinner.

Last day of college

Me, Yuki and Dharshini in a cafe where our class had one of our last makan out.

Yuki!-aka Yik Ming. One of my closest friends in college

Stella- Bleach obsessed girl. I shall never forget your amazing skill to last minute study during the trial exams

Shoe shot. Lots of people in college actually have interesting shoes. This pic is dedicated to those shoes which protect us from the rough road or the dirty toilet floors but shoes are almost always excluded in photos.

Pei Chern being bullied. She is always being bullied cause she is 1 year younger than us :D

Me, Pei Chern and Stella

Me: It's the last day of school Pei Chern.... I can never see you again... *play telenovella sad song in the background*
Pei Chern: But... we have only just begun. I'll give you a goodbye kiss
me: no... it's all over... *runs into the sunset*
Hmmm... i remember they mentioned that this pose is from a korean drama. Can't remember wat though.

Here are my 3 closest friends in college, G12: (that's yu u see their photos all the time)
1. Yuki! (again with the heart pose)- The cool-headed ultra observant person in class. She knows the latest gossip just by observing people in class

2. Pei Chern! (heart with wings... cool eh)- Anime girl real life. I think that sums up everything

3. Sabrina- the sweet, sweet girl. When you see her the word that comes into mind is sweet and angelic.

The end of last day!

Last day of exams

Chem was the last paper. The SSABSA people are so evil to put that as the last paper!! Anyway... it's all done and over with so we head off to pyramid first to play bowling.
Sabrina aka Sab aka Sabby aka Roo

Pei chern aka Chirunu aka PC aka KPC aka Peich aka Piglet

Yuki aka Pooh

(did you notice all the bowling balls is colour coordinated with their clothing? This wasn't planned...hahhahaha)

Poser shot. People were always looking at us in the bowling alley

Yuki and her lucky ball

I like this shot of her. My stupid camera finally showed true colours here.

Pooh being manja with piglet, supposedly the grumpy one (Peich is pretty happy-go-lucky girl though)

The 3 posers.. (see the girl in red was looking. Their team(the red girl's) bowl super chun. Their final bowling score was mostly above 100 and 150 i think.

Me trying to flirt with yuki. She wasn't interested btw :(

Her famous pose. The 2 finger cute girl lala thing

Us with our matching bowling balls!!

Hahhahaa.... i won that game cause amazingly.... i got 3 strikes in a row. After that all my luck ran out and i kept getting longkang which was super annoying. Yuki came 2nd, peich 3rd and sab 4th.
After that we went to Flaming Steamboat! An all u can eat steamboat. By that time....a ll of our stomachs were growling cause most of us have not eaten since the chem paper at 11 (which ended at 2)Steamboat.... ahhhh... the glorious pot of boiling water with all kinds of stuff in it.

Peich with that hand pose again. I think it's from Suzumiya Haruhi. Peich was trying to infect us with Haruism for the last 3 months of college.

Look at yuki! A natural poser.

Not much pics cause was busy eating and taking more and more food. Soon we said our goodbyes and took pics with those who aren't coming to prom

Yi Wen!- the big sister of G12. She is very matured and she is a very good counselor. She has a way with people and I think she'll be a great doctor. Hopefully I shall see her another day

Winnie! (the one on the right)- I think she should be back in Sarawak by now. The quiet responsible and hard working assist class moniter. I was a lousier ass class moniter compared to her. hahahahha. Anyway maybe i'll see her next year in IMU. (everybody's going IMU nowadays)

Next post: prom... sigh.