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prom pics are here!!!
Ok... prom was in Sunway Lagoon Hotel's Ballroom.
I tumpang pei chern's car and when i stepped out.... holy cow look at all the girls n guys dressed up. Me looking fabulously drag queen like

Pei Chern in her turquoise tube dress

Sabrina who had a cute frock with a gold sequined bust

I must say... i felt a bit awkward wearing makeup+dress+ heels all in one day.
• I never wore a dress again after I was 10. So that makes that 8 yrs without wearing one. I have 1 skirt which i bought only last year and i wear maybe... at most once a month.
• Never wore makeup in public before. I looked like a drag queen.
• Heels. I wore heels i think trice this year. Twice for interview, once for my cousin's wedding

Anyway... met a few classmates here and there and soon the organizers had to come down to the lobby to usher us into the ballroom. It was 1 hr late i think. Malaysian time ma
Pei Chern and Sabrina. I like this pic. Although it's blur, it produced the soft kind of effect
Another pic of us

Me and ashwini C. There are 2 ashwini's in our class so this is the Cool Ashwini

random pic. look at all the empty seats. They are actually not vacant except the people are out and about camwhoring
Then the bellydancing begun. It was alright quite entertaining and the period of the performance was just perfect cause anymore longer, i think it would be quite boring.
The food was served then (which was surprisingly good since i was expecting crappy food) We had a few courses starting with some dimsum and baby octopus and salad thingy, then we had chicken in some sauce, fish, corn soup, veggies, fried rice and ice cream.
One of the dishes served there

Lol... xx came quite late. My back was facing the entrance and sabrina was facing the entrance. When she saw xx, she was so excited and said "LOOK! XIA XUN IS HERE! He looks so different!!!" Taken later outside the ballroom.

What she didn't know was..... me and yen kaye's sis, yen yen were sort of fashion advisors for him. He took us out the night before to choose a shirt for him and in the end he wore back his old prom shirt but with contacts instead of glasses.

Then they had the prom king and queen contest. I have no idea how they picked the nominees but what i suspected is whoever who went to the ballroom early only were picked. Those who were ushered in didn't have a chance to be nominated. I've seen a lot of girls who looked better than some of the girls up on stage. Anyway.. my classmate Dharshini was picked cause she looked really good that night and her saree was really gorgeous.
Dharshini with her red saree. Dressed to kill

Too bad our table was quite far away from our main class table. We walked over and camwhored anyway. Their table was situated so close to the speakers… it was deafening.
Wee Kiat and us
We went ahead to do some teacher hunting and took photos with all our lecturers
Mrs Kalpana- Bio lecturer. (half of the girls here had their eyes closed cause xx never say give warning before clicking the shutter button)
Mrs Lim- Maths lecturer and class mentor

Mr yong- Physics lecturer

Mr Kevin- ESL teacher (english)

Mr Yap- Our chem lecturer for half a year. Observe his tie- it's full of mickey mouse.

They announced the prom king and queen. King was aaron I think (some guy in white coat) and Queen is the girl in my lan class. Forgot her name.

Another random pic

Our whole class were running around and it was so hard to find them. Cheryl and Kelly were so cute. They came to our table and Cheryl had a crazy idea of taking photos with a random guy. Kelly was really sporting and she went to the table and asked the guy to take a photo with Kelly and Cheryl. Cheryl quickly ran away after that.

Posing outside the hotel

Su Yen and me. No fair... she is so much taller than me and I was wearing heels. (so was she anyway)

Me and Pei Chern

Woo hoo... we all wore different colours. Black was still the most popular colour among the girls.

Kelly, me and pei chern. Kelly was so cute, she looked like a fairy
Soon it was nearly 12am and we headed back.

My feet hurt like mad later.

Last camwhore before sending sabrina off