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stupid perverts v2
11:49 am
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again I was harassed. You guys know the drill... sit back, take a cup of milo and read the story:

I was walking back from the shops at 5pm. I was walking through a lorong which i must pass through to get back to my house. When I entered the lorong, there was a guy sitting near the longkang. When he saw me, he got up and went behind the houses. I was already super suspicious so I was thinking that I will just walk extremely fast (i know its dangerous... but the next route to my house is quite far and just as deserted)
When I passed him, he unzipped and peed into the longkang. Stupid eh...
I mean, to become this kind of sexual harasser u must have:
1. A big bottle of water
2. Great bladder control
3. A big bladder (for those lonely times where there seems to be no girls at all)
4. Wear no underwear

Haih... I don't get this ppl at all. Anyway, I got quite angry so when i ot back I grabbed my digital camera and went to the back of my house and kept snapping photos. I tried taking a video but I didn't focus properly so the video is quite blur. I got his blardy face when he looked back and straight at the camera (btw, I was snapping for 5-15 minutes and he didn't even notice) He ran away after he saw the camera. I bet he won't be coming back anytime soon.
Oh... this pics prove nothing though since he wasn't doing anything funny in them
So here u go, the pictures:

sorry it's so blur. this is from a video. can see him in the red circle doing his pissing position

dunno what he is doing at the front.....

waiting for girls


a closeup of his dumb face. ASSFACE BANGLADESHI (or that is what i think he is)