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... my little brother.

sometimes i wonder why people want to have younger brothers/sisters. 90% annoy the hell out of you while the other 10% will be a good sibling.
hmm... but i am a little sister to my brother n sister too. Maybe they felt like killing me some point in their lives.

But now... the top of my hate list is my little brother. I must say... he is the most annoying thing that exist.
He messed up my entire room and refuses to clean it up. He disconnected my modem so I won't be able to download anything. All because I disconnected the wireless modem.
Yesterday, I was so pissed cause he went ahead and installed the wireless modem eventhough I said no. Why I didn't agree.... cause he is only using the internet to play games. Which takes a lot of bandwidth. Other than installing the wireless modem, he also messed up my whole room looking for wire connectors. And he didn't even bother to clean up a bit.
Now he messed up my whole room again. And this is no ordinary mess up. He pretty much took down everything from the top of my cabinet and threw them on my bed. Then he opened all the empty cardbox boxes n left them there.
Then he just tore off the plastic covering for the LCD moniter and threw it on the floor. Then he continue to mess up my pillows/ blankets

I yelled at him obviously and asked him to clean up. He looked at me like I'm talking Japanese and have that annoying face that you feel like punching. Then he kept denying that he did it (must be reflex action), Finally, he said that my father allowed him to do it.
My parents are the sort whose motto is "ignorance is bliss" If I say anything to them, they will just tell me to clean up my own room n let it go. And my brother gets away scot-free.
This isn't the first time. And I doubt it would be the last time.
What in the world should I do? If I was a guy, I would probably whack the hell out of my brother but I'm a girl and my little brother is much more muscular than I am.
Stupid annoying little brothers. He isn't really little anymore also. Goddd... he is already 14 n behaves like a 7 yr old.

I probably am no different though. When I read back this post, I'll probably be rolling on the floor laughing.