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8:53 pm
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what have i done so far.....:
1) went out twice with friends
2)drove to pyramid n back with the help of friends :D
3)explored the new Mid Valley Gardens (which sucks btw)
4)nearly finish doing the physics paper. still haven't done maths n chem, not to mention bio essay
5) watched all my series- House, Grey's Anatomy, Pushing Daisies, Heroes
6) Gathered online tutorials
7) Sleeping at 4am EVERYDAY. N waking up at 10am (some dumb internal clock) I'm so dead on tue
8) Nothing else actually. Very unproductive :(

Boo hoo... holidays are coming to an end.
I want another 2 weeks.
I have to study! ARGHHHH

Countdown- 20 more days (OMG)