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Sick+ exams = die
5:13 pm
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I'm sick!!!
Boo hoo.... useless body.
This is the 2nd time I'm sick this year! And its the same old disease- common cold.
Cough and running nose. The worst is the grogginess
Terrible, terrible

I can't study for trials (at snail's pace) and I can't concentrate in class!!
Tomorrow is my maths test and moral finals and I wonder how am I gonna fare... Today while doing maths I was like so damn blurrrr I kept pausing and think "eh... what was I thinking just now? I thought of the answer but I forgot already.... hmmm... the sky seems blue today"
Stupid brain. The virus must have caused the part of my brain used for daydreaming to expand and take over my left side of the brain (used for thinking and etc) I also seemed a bit gila. Keep doing rubbish in class and my mouth also produce alot of rubbish.
Have to sleep now.
Hey... u know, I can type with my eyes closed!!! Like how I just typed this sentence!!!
WOW... no mistakes at all!!!
let's try,,,, roayd I went to college with my eues closed and I sisn't trups...
awww... lost the power already. the sentence supposed to be: I went to college with eyes closed but I didn't trip.

G bye... n wish me luck for tomorrow's (or shud I say today... ahhahaha) test and next week's trials.