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Personally, I believe religion divides people.
Because of religion people discriminate, and somehow just because they think they staunch ppl, they have a right to judge ppl (eg: all those ppl who say gays go to hell. who the heck are they to judge them?) It makes me sick when i heard a class saying that gays are something like "dirty behavior" in their class presentation for LAN (can't remember the exact thing they used but I would be quite offended if i was a gay).

Another stupid thing they say is IF U DUN BELIEVE IN GOD U WILL GO TO HELL. This was written on a christian booklet. If that is so, i bet hell must be extremely populated now. I think there are 1 billion +++++ ppl in this planet who don't believe in god.

What is wrong with this ppl? I'm in no way insulting Christianity. I'm sure the religion itself is good but some ppl twisted the words in the Bible until it sounds so extreme. Same goes for any other religion. Those fake buddhist monks also irks me. Like those monks who go around asking for money in exchange for golden cards. And they try to make the card sound so magical. That is just making use of the religion.

Anyway. my fren wrote about afterlife. So I've got itchy fingers and I wanna talk about afterlife too.
Sooo... what happens in the afterlife?
Many ppl believe there is an afterlife. I guess maybe because they felt so alive when they are alive (sorry... can't find a better word) that they can't believe how could we just cease to exist when we are dead?
I mean, now when we are living and breathing, we can feel so many emotions, hear, see, smell, touch, etc and haveso many thoughts in our head. How can that all just end when we are dead. Souls are one concept. But if that is so, shouldn't it be that all animals have souls as well? So will we have cats, dogs, sheeps in the afterlife?

I'm not really interested in the afterlife. I'll be dead by then. I;m more interested in what happens just before we die. It's sad to think that we will be leaving the world someday. I've always imagined it to be like this:
I'll be prob in a hospital with glaring white lights. Then (preferably) there will be ppl's with me. When the time comes, you just feel very tired, and you feel like sleeping. Then you just fall asleep and nvr wake up again. So there is no afterlife. After that, all your emotions, everything just dies and you will just cease to exist. Like when we are sleeping. When we get up, we usually can't remember a thing that happens when we are asleep. Except in death you will nvr open your eyes again.
If there was such thing as reincarnation, maybe when we open our eyes, it'll be as another being or another human. That'd be cool.

Which then leads me to another weird qw. When did we start remembering? When did we started to be conscious of ourself? I can't remember a thing when I was a baby. I think the earliest I can remember was me looking in a mirror and thinking "oh... this is how i look like. So weird." And that was about 3. So what happened to all the memories before then? Could it be when I was 3 i could remember the time when I was a baby. I don't know. I can't remember.

Heck... I can't remember what I wore last week. What am I talking about?