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meme are so cool... i wish more ppl tagged me cause i love doing nonsensical stuff :)

tagged by: yeen

10 people you love. (excluding family members. Random order)
friends i guess:
- yen kaye
-chirunu chan
- yuki chan
- x2
- siao chen
-hui xian
-oya... milo
-so little friends.... sad sad person ;(. i guess the last person i love the most is myself :D

10 things you want to do before you die along the way.
-do bungee jumping
-travel the world
-buy everything that i want - house, car, and lots lots of rubbish
-get a job i really love and like
-go to jap buffet
-learn chinese (mandarin) and learn to speak jap fluently
-learn to drive PROPERLY... hahahahahha
-repay my parents (see... i'm such a loving daughter)
-maybe go scuba diving
-oya... must learn to swim first. n cycle T_T

10 things you cannot live without.
-parents (money tree... ahahhaa... jk)
-computer + 10000 games
-pen and paper
-my limbs + 5 senses.... oh wait... my 6 senses.. hahahahahaa
-comedy shows! my scrubs, greys anatomy..... some anime?
-my house

10 bad habits.
-leaving my plate and cups everywhere
-leaving my notes everywhere
-watching tv while studying
-bathing at ridiculous hours
-watching series/ anime 10 episodes at a time
-leaving my specs everywhere
-chatting on msn when i shud be studying. or writing my blog
-sleeping in class
-going late to class
-leaving my charger on

the list goes on and on

10 attitudes that turns you off
-rude ppl. like those that push u n not look back to apologize. or shopkeepers who snatch back items from your hand when u decide not to buy the item.
-perverts. enuff said
-ppl who take things withour permission. like my brother
-annoying ppl who won't stop talking eventhough u show that u aren't interested. like those sales ppl. NO MEANS NO for goodness sake!
-spitting ppl.
-ppl who break promises. me included :P
-those a$$hole contruction workers who like whistle to every being that has boobs and an ass who walk pass. as long as they see humps on the front and back they have somekind of super reflex which they can't control. its like they have a direct pathway from their eyes to their mouth causing unwanted response of forming an o in the mouth and pushing air through it producing an annoying sound which females respond to curse under their breath and imagine the wrongdoers dying in a most terrible way.
-those irresponsible ppl who borrow things and return them in BAD condition! if u damage the item u borrow, tell the owner and at least offer to pay the owner.

10 words to describe yourself. (5 good and 5 bad)

Good: curious, kiasu (lol... good in the eyes of my parents), hardworking, always tak mau susahkan ppl, caring?
Bad: procrastinator,lazy, shy, a cynical person, irresponsible

10 favourite bands.
- fall out boys
-maroon 5
- artic monkeys
- evanescence
-orange range
-ran out of bands.... so i guess shakira
- gwen stefani
- kt tunstall

10 most prized possessions.
- my desktop (previously my bro;s)
- my PDA phone :D
- my hands
- my mountain of old drawings
- my digi cam
- my knowledge
- my "maruah diri" (i just remembered the english word: dignity)
- my car
- my cat
- whatever skill i have la.

tag: sab, slyth, alys, anybody who are bored or just dun wanna study :)
tell me if u have done it cause i'll be sure t0 read it :D