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capital punishment
7:10 pm
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this year, thanks to SAM I had a lot of things to think about.
For all of our subjects (xcept maths and physics) we had to pick an ethical issue and pick which side we will be on. (hmmm... i did blogging for esl so i guess that didn't count).
But ESL had this horrible oral test. and the topic was capital punishment! It's been a hotly debated issue of whether we shud place murderers in prison cells till they rot and die in their tiny cages or just chop their heads off.
I say we chop their heads off. Actually, imprisonment for life is far more torturous. When we imprison them, we should make them go crazy. Make them stare at the picture of the victims they murder everyday. threatened to kill them everyday. See.... isn't more painful to them. By the time we are done with them, they will be begging to be killed.

Anyway, that was a bit off topic. What i wanted to say, we should apply capital punishment for other crimes. Like rape.
Supporters of capital punishment says that it has a deterrent effect. But deterrent effect only works for crimes which need logical thinking.
So rape is a suitable crime to apply the death penalty. Rapist aren't the type who rape ppl because they are angry (in murder cases, i can understand if someone is so angry they accidentally kill them because they were blinded by rape.)
Rapists rape ppl after observing their victims, watching them and targeting them. They do it after watching too much porn. They do it with a clear head. They do it because they think they can get away with it (that's y they need to select their victims. they choose those that won't tell)
So maybe if we electrocute someone for raping, maybe the other perverts will think twice before raping a girl. In rape cases also, the rapist can be identified from semen samples so there whould be a low chance of killing the wrong guy.
Killing rapists can also be a good way to test the actual deterrent effect of capital punishment.
Government can always kill a few rapists and see if the number of rape cases go down. probably the number of molestation and indecent acts will also go down.

The human rights group will probably make a big fuss over it but if u think about it, is a rapist's life more precious than a girl's dignity? All human life are precious but some behaves like animals (and worse) so should we consider them humans when they don't consider themselves to be one?
The rape trauma is terrible, and with the social stigma over the matter, I think all rapists deserve to die and the punishment is fair.

That's my thoughts over the matter. Sigh, if i rule a country, this is the first rule i'm going to implement.