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Perverts! Revealed?
9:33 pm
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Misleading title- i dun care

Anyway, after considering for 1 minute, I decided to post this up anyway so that u ppl out there are aware of some sickos that will go to great lengths so to satisfy their own lust.
Disgusting i tell u.

Oh, profanities are a lot in this post. And u have to forgive me for i'm quite emo (angry + frus) when i'm talking about this.

*play mysterious music* The following scene occurred on 28/8/07 :
A guy whom i suspected followed me from college back home. I got into the house then locked the metal grilled door (also have a timber door inside but i didn't lock it) Then i heard the timber door opening fully. I thought it was just the wind so i didn't think much about it. I started to unpack my stuff when suddenly a guy asked for me to come to the door. (note: my gate wasn't locked at that time since my parents would be home soon)
At first I thought maybe I dropped something on the road and the guy wanted to pass it back to me.
But I grew suspicious when the guy went to the front and looked inside the house through the sliding door.
He hid his body behind the curtain so I could only see his face.
I said wait... then I got my phone and wanted to snap a picture of him. But then he freaked me out when he was clearly masturbating in front of the sliding door (with his body still hidden) I screamed for him to leave or else I call the police. He didn't budge so I went to phone and the first number i thought of was my parent's office. (with all the news of police inefficiency...wink.gif) While I was on the phone I saw him taking some tissue and wiping off stuff. This just shows he came prepared to harass some girl.

He must have watched too much of CSI thinking the cops can catch him through his semen.
Then he fled the scene.

btw, he was a chinese man with slightly long hair. He isn't the uneducated type as he was speaking english (without the hawker stall accent) and wearing a plain white t shirt (very clean too... ). If you live in SS15, pls be aware of this idiot.

That was why I couldn't do the LAN project. After that incident, I felt weird going out alone so soon.

This isn't the first time. In fact, this happened to me twice in this year alone. Beginning of this year, i was locked out from my house at night. I was knocking at the door when a nigerian man came to masturbate in front of the gate. I screamed my lungs out and thank god my parents opened the door. (the gate were yet again unlocked so i was frightened he would come in) In form 3, i got groped in the butt in pasar malam. When i was in form 2, a guy in a car who apparantly wanted to ask for directions was masturbating in his car. When I was in std 6, walking to piano class, a guy with a motorcycle came and stopped in front of me and another couple masturbating (or maybe he flashed, i dunno). Other incidents included a man following me @_@........................ i think that was pretty scary too. Or maybe he wasn't following me, but i too perasan already.

Shocking eh? Somehow I'm a pervert magnet or something.
Aih.... maybe i shud make this post password protected or something... @_@
Anyway, for all that is said, I'M FINE NOW
I hope this story doesn't change your judgment of me. Yeah, i'm a damn coward unfortunately, but just don't worry unnecessarily over me cause i'm fine now.
Just to show u i'm fine, i'll show u my camwhore pic (taken at exactly 4:52 am- time i'm writing this post thx to a little tour of KL by xx n co... hahahahhaa)

Attempt to be cute has somehow failed miserably. Haih.... sorry la, i force u all to burn your eyes.

PS: The post on the fashion show still being constructed. my father closed the window n i didn't post it after uploading ALL the image! I'm so sad T_T