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people and their small worlds
3:51 am
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People really do change fast.
It's sad to see them change. With raging hormones, guys that u respect and admire for their integrity are now just horrible slobs that probably watch porn 24-7.
Guys suck I tell u.
Girls are not an exception too.
With that, I'm probably not an exception too.

Anyway, I noticed that most of my friends blogs usually have a more exaggerated character of themselves. I know that blogging allows you to be more of yourself, to be more brave in speaking up, etc but sometimes, when i read some people's blog, i feel like i'm reading a totally different person's blog.
Would that mean that the character they are putting on in front of you is actually a show? Or vice versa? Or maybe because I'm just not spending enough time to get to know them better.

Hmmm... am I like that too? Does my personality and my blog's personality the same?
Or are they in extremely different worlds?