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So, last sat me, yik ming, pei chern, her friend and siao chen went to Cineleisure to go see the Comiworld. Too bad the event wasn't that spectacular. With a few booths here and there, it seemed like the event was there more for advertising a local m'sian artist group. Since there were no other interesting events, we (yik ming, siao chen n me, pei chern and her friend was still glued to Sun Comics) head over to 1 U to go watch the Animax Fahion Ability Contest!
This contest required one to make a fashion design with the use of butterfly and floral motif. It was held in the inspiration of Paradise Kiss. We arrived there n took some shots of the past year finalist's design which took place in the Philippines.

This was last year's winner: (cool eh)

I also took the opportunity to try contacts! Cause the event was co sponsored by Bauch n Lombs. I took like 30 mins to put them on... memalukan. Yik Ming kept laughing.. evil

The fashion finally started and we got to see a gothic design. I particularly like the designs drawn on the skirt and the back of the jacket

The 2nd design was quite ordinary I thought. The only cool part was the butterfly motif was in cooperated into the jacket/bolero thingy,

This design is my fav!!! Ala victorian style, the music played was very suitable too. And the model totally nailed the runway walk (she held a slightly bitchy face while waving the fan around..hahahhaa)

Another mediocre design. Lots of bling-bling on the model.

Another gothic-victorian design. The design was creative but I don't think it flatters the model's body.

The 6th design was kind of cool. It was a kimono inspired design but I thought the design doesn't look quite compl

Another nice design! I like the colours cause it looked very fairy-ish. The bouncy skirt is a bonus plus point XD

8th- mediocre again. You can see designs like this everywhere. I think this model also walked too fast so I couldn't get a shot of her front. Some amateur models walked too fast until they have to stand waiting at the entrance cause they can't exit until the music stops playing

The woodland fairy. The model was like an energizer bunny, hopping all around the runway. The designer looked very young actually and I won't be surprise if she was only 16 or 17.

This design was kind of weird. I don't like the colours (yellowish green with blue and pink??) And the design wasn't really creative or anything (just another gown with a split in the front and a small jacket to go with it) The only admirable part was that the designer had to do a lot of work to sew/glue each butterfly on the back part of the gown.

Another kimono inspired design. This design didn't really standout I thought from the other designs. It was creative, but not spectacular. Yen kaye would say this design doesn't make you go "va va voom"

Sweet gothic lolita design. Nothing extraordinary so not much of comments.

I thought this design was nice. Until the model tore off the skirt part (intentionally) which can be made into a shawl? Can't see the practicality of the tearing off part. Maybe if u wear this then on a cold night if your arm feels cold u can tear off the gown part....

One word for the 14th design. Ordinary

Weirdest design. Reminds me of the outfit the court jester wear in comics.

The only outfit for male in the whole competition. Looks very feminine like anyway (butterfly and floral design... what did i expect) One thing I wonder though... did the designer sew/make the trousers too? Looks pretty well made. If she didn't then wouldn't it be slightly cheating??

17th. Wedding design. I love the colour! The designer must have a hard time putting together this. Hahaha... what a dress to walk down the aisle with. I think it'll give the parents n in-laws a heart attack.

18th. Not very nice design. Looks like some dress from the Flintstones

Last design. The outfit was alright I guess.

So, can you guess who the winner is?
Hahahahaha.....get ready to be surprised.
3rd went to::

2nd:: (didn't manage to get a shot of the designer though)

1st went to this design. Can you believe it? The judges must have cockeye or something

Aih... the world can be unfair at times!
Finally done with this post!
Doing LAN project now. It's a PITA (pain in the ass)