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4:11 pm
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physics and chem test are next week! And i still haven't study chem (which is on mon) and i'm studying physics! (which is on thurs) How weird am i?
Anyway, I will start studying chem tomorrow.
Just an update on whats going on now:
1) I can't believe I didn't post this in my blog (hehehehe) I got a new phone!!!! Pictures will be up later I guess. But stupid me... so fast I drop the phone already. One thing bad: The phone is too darn slippery. Must faster buy a silicon casing!
2) Joining treasure hunt thingy this sat. Friends said I'm nuts. Bleh...
Supposedly to go round KL but xx said they are still deciding if to give us free RapidKL tickets. If they dont I supposed they must give us money to pay for ticket fares (hey... registration of RM30!! expensive lo!)
3) My cat caught a small cicak. Mom is pleased.
4) Maths n bio ct3 results out. Both okla... but could have done better. Only if I wasn't too careless!

Arghhh... still havent change the layout. I'm getting bored with this layout....