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Cute kitten!
8:52 am
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This time we made a life size potrait of our kid but since Siti didn't come on that day, i drew Azian!
This is tony n lisa playing with Azian's potrait
Me posing with lisa

That meeting was the last meeting before the celebration on the 18th of Aug. We will miss those naughty brats!

Charity Carnival!
Me, Yik Ming, Sab n Pei Chern went to Grace's place this few days to paint the board for the pie throwing event organized by our class for the Taylor's charity drive!
N there was this mother cat with her 2 cute kittens playing in the next door neighbour.
Short to say, we kacaued them n got some snapshots of them

Since we had a cam.... it was time to camwhore... kuahahahaha
The board was eventually completed in 3-4 days. N the pie tossing booth made quite a bit of money *rm800.... gasp* The henna booth (which sab helped out n i curi-curi masuk n conteng ppl's hand at 12pm)

Sabrina hard at work. She did so many hands, it was uncountable
Me n my first hand. At first like so pro... can do so fast. By the next hand, my thumb was aching n my hand was shaking like I've got Parkinsons. So teruk.... luckily nobody scolded me when i smudged a bit.... o ya wonder what happened to Carmen's henna?
Bracelets?Yuki n X2. (he's such a poser)
For more pics on charity carnival day, go to

I look like i'm advertising the biscuit... pei chern looks like the keropok she was eating taste so bad...

2 CT3s are over. 2 more to go :(