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The "AMAZING" hunt
12:06 pm
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Last Saturday, me and Xia Xun were team 19 in the "amazing" hunt sponsored by taylors and other useless brands not worth mentioning since they sponsored close to nil items.
Anyway, we were there at 7:30 in the morning and were entertained by boring rules and cheerleaders in very ill coordinated cheerleader clothing. Their stunts weren't amazing but what is to expect from a 4 person squad?
The cheer leading went on until they finally initiate the race at 9.
Go to Malaya Optical

So off we went to Malaya Optical in SS15 which was beside Maybank. People were running so fast and we got caught up in the frenzy so we ran too. All that running was went to waste when we saw the ridiculous scene of 100+ ppl trying to squeeze into the tiny shoplot.
The staff there were very pissed at us and only allowed 5 ppl to go into the shop at any one time. Those that were in the shop were taking FOREVER!
So the organizers gave us a choice: 30 minutes penalty but we get the next clue instantly.
We opt for that and off we went to the next clue;

Go to Titiwangsa- The Eye of Malaysia
We all thought it was a bit weird for them to ask us to go so far so soon in the hunt but oh well... off we went to KL Sentral from the Subang Jaya station. We sort of ran there and the KTM as usual was delayed so all the teams gathered at the station no matter how early they arrived.
Finally reached KL Sentral when we saw one of the organizers there. He said that they have made a mistake.
me: "WHAT!!!!"
Apparently, the clue we were holding was actually Clue 10. So the organizers had to ask all the teams to come back to KL Sentral so they could start afresh there. Very sorry for those that was on their way to Titiwangsa already cause they had to come all the way back.

So we had to wait.... and wait.... and wait.

Ppl waiting at KL Sentral... some were quite pissed

The good thing was that the organizers decided to scrape off the 30 minute penalty. However, some dumbos thought that was unfair as the 30 minute penalty was already given. they argued with the organizers but luckily the organizers weren't dumb enough.

More ppl waiting.... we were waiting for all teams to gather. Butt crack spotted on one of the girls btw

Me in high spirits! We were just taking a drink at McD

Xia Xun posing....

Finally, all the teams arrived and we got the next clue
Go to Pudu Jail

So we took a monorail to Imbi. Actually at the Sentral monorail station, there was this rude auntie there. I wanted to just pass through the line.... i didn't even want to cut her line. So I said politely "Excuse Me..." And she just screamed "NO!!". I said"i just want to pass through" Then she said something i couldn't hear cause i was like whatever la and just when behind her.
When we went to the platform, the train just left... DAMN!

At Pudu Jail, we got our THIRD CLUE; find the contact number and add that number to the total number of flags on the pudu jail wall. I went round counting but xx must have heard the other praticipants shouting the answer so he got the answer almost instantly.
Then we got our
FOURTH CLUE: Go to the Big Apple in The place of 10 golden borders (something like that)
Some poor souls thought that it meant the restaurant in the Berjaya Hotel and went all the way to the 14th floor when it actually meant the fashion stall in Times Square.
There, we were told to spell out Mississippi with our ass (the organizers were dumb. they told us to spell Mississippi like this "missisippi")

After that, we got our FIFTH CLUE:
Go to the public toilet which can clean itself opposite McD. Me and Xia Xun went round and round in front of McD but we still can't find the toilet. We overheard one participant and xx suddenly thought of the toilets worth 1 million each in Bukit Bintang. We ran there and we were supposed to take ourselves with a constipated face, using the toilet
Me crying because the organizers were so dumb.... Actually this was my constipated face photo. XX didn't give me his though

Then we got the SIXTH CLUE: go to titiwangsa!
We went to the monorail station and again and off we went to Titiwangsa. There the organizers gave us the SEVENTH CLUE: go to the eye of m'sia.
Titiwangsa station was a good 20 minutes away from the lake which the ferris wheel was located. Plus, we had to cross main roads and go through housing estates to get there.
I think the organizers were pretty dumb to ask us to go all the way there. Anyone could have easily be knocked down by a car in their haste to get there or maybe get lost in the housing estate.
Anyway, we made it there and we were supposed to run 100m. The fasted team to complete the 100 m will get 15 minutes off the clock and the 2ns team 10 mins off.

No need to guess ppl... me and xx obviously didn't get any time off. XX ran faster than me but i was so damn tired T_T
The Eye Of Malaysia (tiny thing)

Me n xx went like this - O_O
Horrified.... we went all the way back to the station (actually we didn't go back to the titiwangsa station but ended up in chow kit station)
Then we were off to KLCC (more accurately, Bukit Nanas Station)

XX crying because we were so far behind..... the stupid delay la... make us waste 30-40 mins!

I was crying in my heart... boo hooo
We decided to camwhore after that dramatic episode

We reached KLCC and proceed to Aquaria. By then... our legs were slowly rotting away as we walked from Bukit Nanas station to KLCC. Partly my fault also since i accidentally lost my all day pass ticket. At Aquaria, we were supposed to find the main attraction there. Stupidly again.... the organizers didn't tell us it was only a single attraction (they gave us 3 black spaces.)
Turns out it was the sand tiger fish.
We lost about 5-10 minutes there but we made it through and proceed to our next checkpoint.
EIGHTH CLUE: Go to Taman Bahagia.

For those that don't know, Taman Bahagia is right beside Kelana Jaya which is extremely near to Sunway.
Anyway... we went there with the LRT and it was something like a road block challenge u see in the amazing race. We either had to break an egg on someon'e head or eat a raw egg. XX ate the raw egg... he said it was tasteless. Actually, Japanese break raw egg over their rice and eat it that way. My elder bro tried that once and he said it was damn tasteless... he later added soya sauce for flavor. I must try raw egg once....
We got our next clue anyway. NINTH CLUE: Go to McD in KL Sentral station.
Yet again the train went away when we reached the platform. I think we must have bad karma or something. ARGHHHH!!!

At KL Sentral, we went over to McD and got our TENTH CLUE: Calculate the total amount of RM needed to be paid for a list of items in McDs. XX somehow got his mental calculation wrong but all was well and we got out ELEVENTH CLUE: Go back to Subang!

To Subang we went and was damn pissed cause WE MISS THE DAMN TRAIN AGAIN!
Had to wait there but somehow, unluckily 3 trains ahead of us also had delays. Again the sign of the KTM's inefficiency.
In the train we were pretty much dead since we didn't eat any lunch and our water ran out hours ago. I ate crisp and arrange the clue cards according to order (and thank goodness i did....)

We went back to Taylors and there were already quite a few teams there. We had to "check in" by passing them our clue cards IN ORDER! Luckily I did that already and we managed to clock in quite fast. Some teams were more disappointed to find several clue cards missing which they were then handed penalties for each missing card.

Red Bull was there so we were gulping down icy cold Red Bull (which was a damn relief!) I think i drank my whole can of red bull in one gulp. I was that thirsty....

Exhausted bunch of ppl. The whole place stank of sweatChong Sen, XX's friend whom helped us out a bit. Thanks ya!
XX biting his phone in frustration!
Lucky draw winners. This part of the hunt was the fishiest of them all.... Some teams managed to get 5 coupons to be redeemed! (or was it 3?) DAMN UNFAIR! Some that already received the coupons to get prizes again won in the lucky draw!!!!
The 3rd place winners
2nd place winners (i think...)

I didn't take the first place winners cause they were so drama queen like. One was crawling on the ground saying his feet has the cramps and another was limping about. When I told my mom about them, she thought they were girls! Anyway, i think they were the dumbos that made a lot of noise when the organizers wanted to withdraw the penalty at KL Sentral.
The 13th to the 1st place winners
Me....saying some foul mouthing the organizers i think

We then called Yen Kaye out to cakap-cakap. While waiting for her we of course started cam whoring!
Trying to calm down after the race....

Exhausted! But satisfied we didn't quit the horrible hunt.

FYI, the goodie bag was horrendous. Every single thing in that bag was DEAD WEIGHT. They gave us:
  1. A pen
  2. A notepad
  3. Instant Cup Noodles
  4. Mamee
  5. Some prawn crisp
  6. Swatch collection book + brochure (stupidest item of them all!)
  7. A RapidKL bus system book (2nd stupidest item. Why did they pass it to us when we were not allowed to use the bus?)
  8. A car sticker by HUGO boss (3rd stupidest thing. It's actually the stupidest also but since it was light...)
  9. A name tag
Luckily we placed everything in xx;s car before embarking on the hunt.

That's all that happened