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2:43 pm
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status: better but not 100% well

"Holidaying" during a school day is fun knowing that i am at home, lazing around while my friends are all in college, hard at work (oo... have to remember to ask my dad to write me an MC (pros to having a dr as a dad))
Anyway, regretfully I didn't go to today's yellowhouse. Not because I was too sick to go but because I was afraid I was sick enough to spread the bacteria to the children (apart from that i was lazy.... (not))

And i was in some sort of drawing frenzy. And *gasp* i think i finally produce what i deem to be my best artwork to this date :D
I'm so proud.... i can't help staring at that picture
Probably the artist at dA would call it boring... but to me it's otherwise....

On a serious note, maths common test 3 is coming very very soon. Dang.... i wanna play more.
Statistics is a murderer...It's stab u in the back when you're not looking.
I got a feeling mrs lim won't be too happy about our results this time.