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5:00 pm
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Today, my gila friends crashed my house. I was half asleep when sej freak honked outside my house with his equally gila friends (mainly leonard, mel and yi wen)
They were "going round ss15" and asked me to join them.
I was bored so I did.. hehehehe
We crashed caroline's house (too bad she can't join us) then fang's house. We did went round ss15, ss19 and so on, finding a place to makan.
Finally picked some mamak stall named Kayu something in taipan.
Apparently this chain of mamak restaurant has a shop in Melbourne too, selling teh tarik and roti canai at ridiculous prices (eg teh tarik for rm15)
Their speciality there was roti tisu so I ordered one. The roti tisu was...... RM4.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was.... #!#!@#!#!%$#T^#%^%#@#$!
There better be a good reason why it was rm4. And I waited like 15 minutes for my meal.
Then it came, the taipei 101 of the roti canai world:
gila long roti tisu

Hahahhaha... xx and leo was busy taking pictures of it.
OMG... it was drenched in condensed milk and sugar. Not recommended for anyone on a diet

Looks like a tree bark from here. Maybe that's where the restaurant got it's name

Mel: "Oooo... delicious"
Me: Arghhhh.... how am i supposed to finish this?

Order this when you are with friends ONLY. I don't believe anyone can finish this on his/her own. The sickly taste of sweetness is guaranteed to make you "jelak"
Taking a bite off
It tasted like..... sugar biscuit. Except its extra extra thin. I think it's even thinner than the usual potato chips.
I don't think i'll ever be ordering it again though. Strictly to order just to taste it.

Later we went to starbucks at carrefour and spent hours crapping (aka chatting)
Hahahaa... it was fun to meet up with u guys again