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diagnosis: dengue
6:43 am
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my mom and pa thinks i have dengue.
Hahahaha... which explains why after running up 6 flight of stairs i got sick again.
But this dengue got no symptoms... no nausea, no headache. The only symptom is bodily aches (but could be caused by all that running) and a light-headed feeling. Apart from that the fact that i get fevers at night but feel totally fine in the morning. I think this is some weird dengue-flu combination.
Luckily dengue can only be spread thru mosquitoes so i wonder if pei chern only got the flu from me?

the flu seems to be clearing up anyhow but still have a pretty coarse voice thanks to the phlegm. The only thing bugging me is the light-headed feeling. I feel quite giddy and tired. Must be cause i'm not eating much.

Going back to sleep. T_T.... this year must be my bad-luck year. I think this is the 3rd time i'm sick + i lose my bio folder and my pencil case this year (i nvr lose stuff.... only maybe butang baju kurung last time during secondary days)