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8TV Wet and Wild party
9:03 pm
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Today I went to Sunway Lagoon with Hui Xian, Xia Xun, Ling Yang, Joyce and her bro, Gheetha andher sisters. For reasons, we split into multiple groups once we entered the surf beach. Gheetha and Ling Yang was obviously together while Joyce went ahead with her bro.
We got a free goody bag with 17 mag, t3 body cleanser and a keychain. Which is pretty good since all these are free! (sponsored by 8tv!) Hui Xian was pretty pissed though when the Sunway Lagood staff told her we weren't allowed to enter the water park unless we paid rm22.50 (for dry and wet park)
We actually planned to ditch the whole 8tv party and head to Sunway Pyramid to play bowling. Joyce convinced us to stick around so we did.


We joined every contest that we could join! And won quite a lot of stuff
We joined:
Pretty tired by the time I came back (we went to hartz for dinner and spent some time in the arcade) Too bad I didn't bring my digicam to camwhore at sunway lagoon. Hui Xian, me and XX will make pretty good camwhores I tell u....
Will post pics of the pretty magic 8 ball. It's my new toy now :D