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8:18 am
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Hahaha... just fnished bio oral presentation. Thank goodness is over! Just found out that i kind of rock my body back and forth during the presentation which i didn't really realise. Note to self: stop doing stupid things during oral presentation.

Ooo... and yesterday the Kit-Kat "bus" came to our college. They had this competition where you are supposed to say something in their camera for 10s and complain about anything you want. The complain must go somewhere in the lines of: "I WANT TO TAKE A BREAK FROM.......... (studies/exam/world/cat/teacher/etc) I made my complain dedicated to the pervert banglas i met the other day. Yes! My whole 10s (at least i think is 10s) is dedicated to the sexual harrassers! They should be proud!
Sab and Pei Chern (who said didn't want to do it) tried too and we all got a kit kat each! (hooray! free kit kat!)Sabrina looked so cute in the afro hair (she put on the sunglasses and the hat We actually can win RM10,000 if our video was creative enough. I think the best thing to do if you really want to win is to make a song or rap something.

Next presentation: ESL. Dreaded ESL..... T_T
How am I going to keep the class entertain about blogs in 5 minutes? I think I should just show posts from so they can laugh their heads off. Hmmm....