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Stuff I made... crafty mode :D
6:48 am
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During the 2 weeks holiday I somehow became very crafty. I think I've been lurking in craftster too long
So this is what I created (hehehehee)
1. Geisha tank top
The image was stolen from a photographer in dA. I use in on my fav pink tank top and luckily didn't cause a mess. But the ink is fading a bit. That's what happen if I use the fabric paint on clothes which are not 100% cotton. But if its lycra (i think it is) the image seems more crisp.
The dA entry

2. Tokidoki shirt
Again a stolen image from tokidoki. Love the vector art so i stole it. But i did pay it homage by stenciling the logo behind the shirt. Too bad ppl here don't know much about tokidoki when its quite popular in the US (ps: it's a cosmetic/fragrance/accessories line, popular for their recognizable characters)

3. A tank shirt
The images used were my own :D And was a pain in the a$$ to cut out. Heck.. to make it worse, all i had at that time was a horrible rusty blade. Right after the stencil was done, the tip of the blade broke off. Hahahhaa... this is how I abuse my stationary. Had to buy a new blade (rm1.20... i thought it would be more expensive) to make the 2 shirts before.

(I'm saying the images on my shirt are miss.fairytale(s). NOT ME!

One thing i dislike about this shirt is that the tank is too short. I don't like showing off my belly so i'm still thinking of a way to wear this

Random picture (to burn your eyes with my image... cause i'm such a narcissist)
Next, we have books!

1. The conteng book
This is pretty much the trash book. Almost everything with this book was made out of potential trash. I now use it to conteng and doodle! Too bad i didn't glue the hanger (the dress was suppose to have a hanger too) down properly so now the hanger is missing.

2. The sketch book
I'll be giving this to my friend. Hahahahaha... to bad it wasn't that well made. The pages are odd and funny. Hopefully she wouldn't mind (she must be thinking why am i giving her all my trash.. XD)The book can be closed by tying the ribbon together. Oya, the covers are made out of 2 diskettes

Lastly, a keychain!
Went for a walk in Sunway with my friends and I was reminded how I always wanted to try and make a voodoo doll but kept procrastinating. I actually made a green one earlier but it kinda sucked. So I made a new one!
(sorry for all the random words. It was 3 am when I tweaked the images in photoshop)