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My class- G12
5:27 pm
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Today, me, pei chern and yik ming had quite a long chat with our mentor. Main discussion: Our ununited class

In the beginning of the year, everyone didn't know each other so everyone mix with each other. There were virtually no barriers cause everyone could ask anything!
But once the class ran out of "introduction questions", groups formed and interaction between classmates decrease.
Now, we have distinct groups and islands. I am in one of the smallest group of 3-5 people while the biggest group is half the class.
I used to mix with the giant group but eating lunch with them is just awkward. We have nothing to talk about! I feel terribly awkward speaking to them. Is like we are speaking 2 different languages to each other.
Now that they are quite close with their own group members, it's just more and more difficult to mix with them. I bet when the whole class go out to lunch together (if ever!) they will just talk to their own groups without much interactivity between the groups.

Sigh... sometimes I also feel quite sad with the state of our class. Other classes seem to have so much fun organizing activities together. Our class... it's mainly the giant group dominating the class activities.
Take for example the carnival activity. They just discussed with the class once, mainly to get the agreement from the whole class. After everyone agreed to their activity, no more was heard about the progress of the activity.

Suddenly today they said they got the plywood already, and pretty much decided to use homemade whipping cream (ahahha... in the group discussion they said they were using whipping creme + flour and etc).
I feel they should at least let the WHOLE class know what is going on with the activity and not just go on with their own plans as this is a class activity.

But they can't be blamed alone. Everyone in our class should hold some responsibility over the state of our class (maybe excluding p. yi wen who mixes around freely). I'm feel bit guilty conscious over this fact that I'm not doing anything to improve the class eventhough i am the assistant class rep. But I feel I am helpless in this situation (since I can't even mix with them)

What should I do? Should I continue to care? Or should I just forget about it and just mind my own business?