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3:24 pm
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I was walking to Subang Parade a few days ago. When I crossed the park, a few bangla MPSJ cleaning man starting saying "Woo woo" like a dog. I wasn't wearing anything revealing. Heck! I was in jeans and a t shirt and wearing a cap that covered my eyes.
From that incident onwards, my mind spiraled into a never ending train of thoughts on perverts.
I wondered, why some man are so intent on making fun of women? Why can't they keep their woos and whistling to themselves. In times like this I wished I was some superhero then i can punch their mouth till their teeth break and pull their tongues out of their mouth. Yes, I'm a violent person.
So many times I've encountered this sort of street harassment. It's irritating and disturbing. What kind of sick satisfaction would they gain out of this, i will never know. Even some of my guy friends unwittingly insult women just as a passing comment. I feel irritated by this. Men think they are superior then us just because they have more physical strength. Stupid traditions reinforce this believe by favouring men. What a stupid world! We are even known as the lesser sex (and this term is used even in newspapers. I feel quite insulted when I read The Star was referring to women as the lesser sex. What do they mean by lesser?)
Sometimes I think that all the women should just migrate somewhere. Let the men die in extinction. We can just clone ourselves (cloning does not require men... AT ALL. But it needs an egg from women) then we can manipulate the genes to ensure the baby would be born a girl.
The idea will probably never work but if it does happen, there would be virtually no rape cases and abuse, molestation, harrasment, etc.
I know there are stupid and evil women too. I think we can just throw this sort of women to the crocodiles.

Gah... what an irritating and horrible world, knowing that I can't even walk alone and not get harassed.