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Waiting... and more waiting
1:32 am
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It's 8:37 am. JPA results are out at 8 am. And the swirly thingy on my Mozilla tab is just going round and round and round... for 30 minutes.
This is even longer than the time I checked for National Service results. I wonder why?
Based on facts, National service is checked by thousands do students, hence should take longer to load (since all sites are retarded)
But this stupid JPA thing is terrible. There only 3000 students would have to check! I think there are a few students who are so devastated in their results that they can't believe their eyes. So they keep refreshing.... jamming up the whole website.
Well.. can't blame them anyway, cause government websites are notorious for saying "maaf" in one second then "tahniah" in the next.

I hate government websites cause
I have.... 7 more days to mid years and 0 information in my brain.
Hmmm... I wonder if I have to morph into a panda bear again. Oh wait... I already am one after ESL projects and bio + chem