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1:56 am
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Oh... my friend just reminded me about my piercings (this is how blur i am nowadays... to the point where i cannot remember what day comes after wednesday)
They are fine... no photos cause i'm a lazy bum.
Just the other day, i took them out to wash them... Feels so funny seeing so many little pieces of metal in the bucket of water.
Anyway, I shouldn't have done that. When the left piercing went back into the newly pierced hole, there was a really horrible pain (like when you just sprinkle salt on your wound) It was for a split second so it wasn't that bad. The worse was the left piercing.
I stabbed the stud back into the hole. The only problem was that I couldn't get the stud through the hole. It was so difficult finding the exit.
Then got fed up after 30 minutes of trying. I think the swelling made it worse (my ear look like it got stung by a bee). I just poke the stud the other way round (ouch... it was quite painful) Bleh so my earring was the other way round with the back facing front.
And I went for my driving test like that. Anyway, I passed my test (with a little help, fyi) and when I came back i poke the stud the other way round and SUCCESS!! I got it through!

btw... the JPA page is still loading (read my previous