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Port Dickson
6:37 am
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I'm back from Port Dickson!

It's been a fun holiday.

We left at 8 from subang and reached there at 10. It should have been 30 mins earlier but my father got lost in PD town.

The chalets we stayed in were extremely cute!

They had this "windows" in the floors where we could see the sea. My mom was terrified of them cause it looks like the glass would break under pressure. But they were quite solid so me and my brother had fun scaring my mom... wahahahhahha

The cool thing was in the morning, where the sun was up, the sun rays will be reflected by the sea surface into the room. So it creates natural lighting... (like the above picture) Very peaceful and serene!

We went to the beach next. The beach.... as expected was polluted. Some ppl there are just plain terrible. I can see styrofoam cups... ciggarete butts even a baby's diaper at the beach! The water was very murky.... eventhough it was so shallow, you can't see through the water no matter what. The only fun thing about this beach was that when it was low tide... it's really low. You can walk out i think about 10 metres from the beach into the sea and the sea level would only be at your calves.
Stupidly... i tried pulling out sand from the bottom of sea... only to discover i held a handful of black sludge... ewww...

This is some random drawing i drew went we went back from the beach. After i finished it, i didn't know where it went... couldn't find it anymore ::sobs::

Then, me and my brother went to the gym. THE GYM!!! I never been to one before so i was very jakun. Luckily only me and my brother was there so we could act like monkeys. I wore so there was one time it slipped off my foot on the treadmill... wahahhaaa luckily there wasn't anybody there cause i also fall too. And i now know how unfit i am. I can only run for about 5 minutes than i will start panting like crazy.... My brother on the other hand (the gym veteran) was totally at ease. He did his routine exercise while i was jumping from one machine to the next like a monkey. I did sweat anyway and burned about 100 calories (accumulation from all the machine's reading)

My family and I went to camwhore around the hotel later. We went to Central Market... only to discover is wasn't a market at all. It was a pub with a few makan stores around it. One thing strange about PD town was that 90% of the shops were close eventhough it was a saturday! I think i'll die of boredom there.... subang is still very entertaining as the shops hardly ever close and we have so many shopping malls around to keep us entertained.

We went back to the beach... to find seashells (CaCO3...(lol i just noticed i shouldn't have put a bracket in the photo... miss tan would kill me)! I collected quite a few of very cute seashells. I noticed ppl digging for the live shells too. No idea what they are called but they look yucky cause you can see some white slug living in the shell when they are burrowing in the sand.

The company sponsored dinner was... okla. The steak was good but the rest was mediocre. The hotel was also too stingy to add fruit juices to the selection of drinks. And fruit juice ain't that expensive too... All we had was plain water and yet they didn't provide us a jug so we can fill it in ourselves. The waiters were supposed to fill it in but they were too busy talking so we had to ask them to fill in each time. We left early (by our standard) after my brother ate like 3 kg of meat.
The Koko Cabana beach cafe (i think it was called that) had some performence that night. We saw fire eaters!

We returned home the next morning :)

Btw, the photos above were taken by my elder brother with his steady steady pics would end up looking like the camera was going through a tornado :D

Disclaimer: bleh... i'm ashamed to say that the graphic style in this post is kinda copied from smashpop. It's a photograpy blog which has damn nice pics.