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Mid years
6:25 am
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I just finished my mid years... and phew was it tiring.
Physics wins the award for being the worst paper among all. The teachers were evil to make physics the last paper. Now all the students will not be able to enjoy their holiday and will just whine about their paper.
The paper which I had most free time (gasp! i actually had free time!!) was English.
I don't know why but i had time to complete my papers except for physics. I couldn't do physics any faster then i had. Damn.
But maybe that's because i panicked. First time doing 2 extended response and a graph in a row so i took more time then needed. Look at the clock and voila! Only an hour left.
Dang it....

But anyway, I got home and watched Grey's Anatomy. The scriptwriters really have a knack for making every episode depressing. Episode 24 and 25 is quite sad. But they probably did that to make the story loooooooonger.
Oh well, as long as its entertaining.

I still got a few hours before i head off to Port Dickson with my family.
Lol... can't wait to get my toes in the sand (polluted or not i don't care)